Hubner was surprised to say praise that he played better matches

Defender Roman Hubnik played a competition for the match in the opening match of the European championship against Spain after four years and was one of the best Czech players in the expert evaluation.

Twenty-three-year-old footballer surprised praise because he had played a lot of better matches. Prohru 0: 1 goal in the 87th minute with time as well as teammates tossed behind the head.

“I had some feedback, it would be nice, but the man must stay on the ground.I was surprised a little. I do not really feel like playing a quality match, “Hubner told reporters after the training in Tours, where the team returned after the match in Toulouse with Spain.

His coach Pavel Vrba praised his performance. “I think I played a lot of better matches. “ said Hubnik. ” It was practically just a hindrance, the superstructure was not even practically possible, “added Victor Strier.

But there was a lot to see on the field, and even once he got a good chance in the second half before he was able to score his own goal, the ball ended on the outside of the pole. “I could have put two goals . It hit my toe but I saw the balloon out.It was a bumper, “he said to his opponent’s chance.

” With my goal chances on the other side I had it on my long leg. I did not get a shot and I think that the goalman was fine, “added Hubner.

In General with Korea due to problems with his neck and nose he did not play, but eventually got in the basic set against the Spaniards Preference over Kadlec. “I learned this on preparation. I was glad I was in the group. I did, I think, a good performance. I will see against Croatia if the coach gives me confidence or not.I hope to stay on in the report, “Hubner, who played the match for the first time since defeat 1: 4 with Russia at the beginning of the Euro four years ago.

Along with the second stand Tomas Sivok against the Spaniards managed the defense well, but three minutes before the end, the Czech team surrendered to the center. “It was a standard when the two stoppers remained. I had at that moment Ramos, who was on the back pole, and I yelled at the boys that they had their back there. I watched Ramos and Iniesta centered so Piqué was free and scoring, “Hubner wrote.

” After the game the whole cab was disappointed, but over time we throw the game. We have two more games in front of us, the atmosphere is good here and we will try to make the best result on Friday.A broken match will come either with the Croats or the Turks. It would be good to grab some points with the Croats and go to the last match either, or “, added Hubner.


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