Think of the flag! or when football dwarves do not give up

The Faroe Islands have less than fifty thousand inhabitants. This is about the same idea as Chomutov or Děčín.

The top football league is played by semi-professional teams and the national team must play because of climatic conditions on artificial grass.

However, the Faroe Islands have been able to draw 0 : 0 with Hungary, which at the recent European Championship advanced to the eight-finals, and even beat 2: 0 Latvia. That is, the team with which the Czech representation just drew last spring.

The archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, which is an autonomous part of Denmark, pays for the greatest sensation of the current qualification. He does not seem to be at the World Championship, but he shows that even an outsider can dare to favor.

“Even those countries are engaging European trainers.In addition, almost everybody betting app mobile learn to defend themselves…If you do not have players to shoot goals, then you have to learn to defend them. And when those players are disciplined, even smaller teams are able to bother the fans. If they do not just play against Germany or Spain, “Czech defender Tomas Sivok said, over the rise of” dwarves. “The Faroe Islands gained the most points in the history of the World Championship 2002. They won twice over Luxembourg and they added one draw with Slovenia.

Now they could improve. They are waiting for two matches against Andorra, who has not even gotten a point in the last five qualifiers…And where is it written that he will not make other favorites?True, the Faeroe Islands last missed a 0-6 defeat with Portugal, but before they played against Latvia, they showed a flat. The defenders defeated the counterattacks, which ended with seven shooting attempts, five of them directly at the gate. And maybe the second goal was great when Jóan Edmundsson stuck the ball and the wandering archer overcame the falling goalie.

There is not a single known name on the list of inexperienced youths. About half of the squad consists of players from home competitions, the rest from Denmark, Iceland and Norway.

The coach is already familiar with Czech football fans.The Faroe Islands is led by the 41st Danish representative Lars Olsen, the 1992 European champion.

He has created an interesting team that bets on quality defense, straightforward counterattacks, discipline, teamwork and commitment. the turn of the eighties and nineties of the last century, when the faeristic representation played its first inter-state struggles did not change anything…Remembers still recall the motivational sportsbook bonus speech of historian Pálla Gudlaugsson’s first coach before the UEFA Premier Contest: “Think of the Faroese flag. On our flag! Think about it on the pitch. (…) Today you can pay for your home that you could grow up there.

This result is still one of the biggest stunts in football history.

Now the modest country is taking a surprise.

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