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Karvine hockey players advanced to the Far East

“We were promised by the representatives of the city,” said Karvina coach Josef Štoudek. But they do not have the certainty of the Karviná. “It’s going to be clear in two Betclic weeks, but I believe we’ll finally get the money and fly,” said Karina captain Renáta Kytková.

The Karvina base group of the Champions League played in her hall.He defeated British Bracknell 6: 1, Polish Auschwitz 5: 2 and succumbed to Vienna 1: 7, and went into second round of the competition. “Vienna is a professional team that plays Betclic the European league and has a squad of Canadian, American, Finn,” said Coach Stoudek. “However, the loss is cruel for us.”

The Karvinás admit that the Champions master first learns. “We tried it last year, but then we did not get out of the core group,” Stoudek reminded. This has been released this year. “And it’s a great success, because we were among the twelve best Betclic mobil betting teams. For us, this is an experience, because we have seen how the players of Vienna are skating superbly how they can shoot. ”

This is confirmed by Kytková. “The best teams are doing better than we do.Combine better. The girls in Russia are playing hockey on the profi.

We study, work and train three times four times a week. We have to do more work. “A student considers the Champions League to be a prestigious Betclic competition. “Unlike the male, the woman has been playing for ten years,” he reminded. And he does not even give up opportunities to go through the top four competitions. There will be the winners of three four-member groups and the best team from second place.

The home competition of the Karviná players has not yet gone. There are only two teams in the TOP division – Karviná and Slavia Praha, the Czech champion of the last Betclic eight seasons, last year and before the triumph of Karviná.

Both teams will compete in the basic part of the series Unibet cashback bonus for eight matches from February 14th.They already have some attendance at the final Final Four, where they are Betclic complemented by the A1 and B winners.

The Karvina women are still playing a league of younger teenagers who have won two of the seven games.